Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Snotty-snot-snot, what to do

The three month old, HATES the suction bulb. I know that is a huge surprise to all the moms out there. With our lovely New Orleans hot to cold, then cold to hot weather, I can't seem to get rid of his runny nose. I was wondering if anyone has tried the automatic nose suction that is out there. If so, please let me know. Does it really work? I would also take any suggestions on how to get him to like the bulb suction, as if that's gonna happen. lol


albionmoonlight said...

Hey Renee,

We have the auto-suction thing, and it works fine. But he hates it as much as the bulb suction. So, in hindsight, I think that I would have saved the money and not bought it.

That said, out friend's kid actually enjoys the auto-suction, but hates the bulb.

Every kid is different, which is what makes a blog like this nice. The more info we can get the better.