Thursday, October 1, 2009

Review: Word World

Word World is a series on PBS Kids that takes learning to read and spell to a whole new level. This show challenges kids to build words, learn what these words mean, and how they sound. Word World does this through a fun cast of characters that are actually words. If I am confusing you, look below to see what I mean.LOL

Aren't they super cute!! Wyatt absolutely loves this show, and with him just starting to read on his own, it has been wonderful to watch him sound out the words when viewing this program.

NCirlce Entertainment was nice enough to send us a copy of the Word World: Lots of Letters! Box Set Collection to review. Wyatt has watched both discs multiple times already, and he even chose it for movie night last week! In our house that is a huge honor.LOL I think this might be his new favorite show and PIG and ANT are his two favorite characters.

Word World: Lots of Letters! Box Set Collection was just released on September 29th and is a two disc set, which has a running time of 3 hours! This set includes the following episodes: Join the Word Friends for three hours of learning fun! This set includes 16 episodes full of Word World fun! You can purchase this set from NCircle Entertainment for only $22.99!

I would definitely recommend checking this show out and my family gives Word World two thumbs up!! This show is a must see and would make a great gift for any kid. Be sure to check out all the Word World titles available from NCircle Entertainment.