Monday, March 9, 2009

Money Savvy Monday: Check Your Receipts

I always check my receipt before leaving the store, especially if I have purchased sale items. We went to the mall a few weekends ago, and of course I was drawn to the sale items.
Upon checking my receipts, we had to go back into two different stores to have money returned to us.
The first, was on a pair of shoes for my son, that were supposed to be an additional 25% off, and they forgot to deduct the additional amount. This was around an $8.00 error, in our favor.
The second, was a shampoo that I bought that was on sale for $1.00, and I was charged $5.00.
While neither of these were huge mistakes, but the errors were almost enough to buy us lunch at the mall.
Why spend more money than you have to! Always check your receipts, the sales reps will not!!
You should have an idea what your total is, ask question if it is not.