Sunday, January 4, 2009

Forgive Me Now..

For I am bound to be extremely bitchy!! I have officially began the diet. You know the one you have to do in order to remove the nine months of baby growing. How come I seem to grow so much more than just the baby?

But, I promised myself that once he began sleeping through the night there were no more excuses. So here I go!!

To help keep me on track, I will be participating in Think Thin Thursdays over that The Not So Blog.

The Not-So-Blog

I will be carb and sugar free for the next two weeks as I restart the South Beach Diet. This is what I used to get the weight of the first pregnancy off and it worked, so I will do it again.

Wish me luck!! I will let you know when I reach goal, although it might not happen till 2010.LOL


Bridgette said...

Lord help us all! Not Phase ONE!

LOL! Seriously, thanks for joining Think Thin Thursdays. Good Luck this week.

Bridgette said...

Make sure you sign the Mr. Linky on my site so others will know to comment on your blog!

April said...

Gee work should be a "great" place with all of us on a diet! Add in to that today is Epiphany and the start of the King Cakes.....ugh!!! Extra workouts for all!!

Good luck, you have lots of support!