Monday, January 19, 2009

Money Savvy Monday

Planning Weekly Menus
I hope you have tried to start a monthly budget. I find that nothing eats away at our budget quicker than eating out. Going to a restaurant will run us at least $30, and when I can only budget around $125 for restaurants, you find it doesn't stretch far.
So, we mostly dine-in, and I find planning a menu for the week before I go to the store is a huge help. This not only keeps us from playing the "what's for dinner?" game, but also helps us stay on budget.
If I plan my meals out before going to the store, I can check which ingredients I have in stock, which keeps me from over buying. Your $30 at the grocery will go much further than at a restaurant. I try to keep my dining out for the end of the week when I am more tired.
This week we are having:
Grilled Chicken Ceasers
Soft Tacos
Pasta with Grilled Chicken Sausage
Turkey Chili
This week try planning your meals and see how much you can save!!!