Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Review: Itza Bitza

Whenever the opportunity arises to review computer games, I get so excited. This is mostly because my 4 year old, Wyatt, LOVES to play them. So when Itza Bitza came along we were ready to go.

But, Itza Bitza was different than anything else we had played before.

Wyatt got to start out by choosing which character, Sketchy, he wanted to be and then we started level one. In this game, the Sketchy tells you what he needs and you must draw this item to continue. The best part is that if you scroll over the words, the ones which tell you what Sketchy wants, the game sounds them out for you. What an awesome way to teach reading skills!!

After you draw what the Sketchy needs, you get stars. But you must do what the stars tell you to fully earn them. For example, if you draw the sun, flowers will grow, and you must pick 5 of a certain color to earn your star. If you earn enough stars, the next level will open. This game allows children to explore the world of cause and effect.

My son could play with minimal help and fully enjoyed the game. He has asks to play again quite often. His favorite part so far was feeding the frog flies to make him burp.

Interested in trying ItzaBitza out with your little ones? You can purchase it online for only $19.99 at ItzaBitza . The best part is you can download it immediately, so there is no waiting for it to ship!!

I hope your children will enjoy this game as much as mine has.


Margaret said...

Thank you very much for reviewing ItzaBitza. Our passion is to delight children, but at the same time provide them the ability to read on their own. Talk about a sense of POWER!

What we're thrilled with is the Living Ink - how the stuff your son draws comes to life. That's the delight part. The power comes from reading. Something like reading on the right side of the brain.

Margaret (CEO - Sabi, creators of ItzaBitza)