Sunday, December 21, 2008

YooHoo!!! I'm DONE!!!

Yes, I am officially done all of my Christmas shopping. I am actually finished a few days early. Who knew it was possible. All I have left to do, is finish wrapping and enjoy the season. I even get to stay home on Christmas Day this year with just my husband and the boys. Nowhere to go but church and thats it. This will be our first year at home with no additional family or traveling!! I am so excited!!!! Hope you all have a GREAT Christmas.


Bridgette said...

I wish I was even close to being done! Stomach flu sort of derailed our shopping.

Jess @ NBP said...

Last year was the first year we stayed home but family came over which was better than packing everything up and heading out. UGH I hated that the first two years.

Glad you got your shopping done. ours is done as well.

Merry Christmas.