Thursday, April 16, 2009

How Much is Too Much?

Ever wonder if you are overfeeding or underfeeding your little one?
I struggle with this constantly. Both my boys have never made the growth chart, they are always above the 100th percentile. Since their height and weight stay on the same path, I know they are not overweight, but how much should I be feeding them?
The older one is easier now that he can tell me when he is full, but I worry about the baby. He is 7 months old and in 12-18 month clothes, so how much should he eat?

Do you have questions about your children's nutrition? Well help is on the way!!

Dr.Saavedra, the Vice President of Medical and Scientific Affairs at Nestle Nutrition and Associate Professor of Pediatrics Division of Gastroenterology and Nutrition at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, has agreed to answer your questions.

Just leave me a comment with your question and I will forward them on and will post your answers.



Amanda said...

You know, food was never something I worried about until my kids got older. They ate what I fed them as babies, and then they got opinions. It seems my older son is so picky now that I worry if he's getting all the nutrients he needs, and I can't just give him something like Ensure to drink because of a milk allergy. How can we make sure our older kids are getting what they need as their food choices become more selective?