Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Review: Office Max-Peter Walsh [In] Place

I am slightly OCD, okay maybe more than a little OCD, so when this box arrived on my doorstep filled with organizational products my heart leapt with joy!!

These products are part of a new line at Office Max from Peter Walsh called In Place. The line is flexible as well as portable, which makes it so easy to use.
Some of my favorite features included:
-Durability- all the folders are made of plastic and are tear resistant
-Reusablility- the folders are labeled with either specially designed post-its or clip tabs
-Erasable Marker- the folders and clip tabs can be written on with a permanent marker that will not smudge until you want it to be erased
-Color Coding- the multiple color options make filing easy
Here a few tips that Peter gave for organizing your home.
1) Keep the things you use the most at your fingertips and file away the rest.
2) Take the last 10 minutes each day to organize your desk, so it will be ready for you the next day.
3) Address your paperwork weekly to maintain organization.
4) Purge your paperwork every 3-6 months.

This system will help you not only to organize your paperwork, but to want to keep it that way. Head on over to Office Max and check it out for yourself.