Wednesday, May 6, 2009

ALL 3X Teams Up with Celebrity Apprentice

ALL has come out with a new 3X concentrated laundry detergent. That means you get 32 loads of laundry out of a little bitty bottle. You get one load washed with only an ounce of liquid detergent. Great news for all you moms who are tired of hauling those big jugs of detergent around. And the best part is, it cuts down on packaging waste, which is great for Mother Earth.

The 32oz bottle is available in the following variants:
Wild & Fresh®
Essence of Snuggle®
Relax & Refresh
Fresh Rain®
I got to try a bottle, and I went for the stainlifter, you have seen the pics of my two boys right? I found that it suds up well in the washer and my clothes smelled great when I got them out of the dryer. ALL has a Time Released Freshness, which provides a lasting fresh scent all day as you are wearing your clothes. I found my clothes did hold their fresh scent all day.

ALL teamed up with Celebrity Apprentice in episode six this season. The task was for the teams to create a :60 digital viral video about ‘all’ small & mighty, a 3x concentrated laundry detergent, that the ‘all’ target consumer wants to pass along to her family and friends. Well, the episode ended with no one winning and therefore no money was raised for charity.
To benefit their charities, Joan and Melissa Rivers, along with all® produced fabulous video encores which can now be seen at Not only will you help impact the donation amount to either Joan’s Guide Dogs for the Blind or Melissa’s The Lili Claire Foundation, by simply forwarding the hilarious videos to your friends and family (each time you forward the videos to a friend, all® will donate 50 cents to the River’s Charities), but you will also have a chance to enter the all® small & mighty® Celebrity Apprentice Sweepstakes: grand prize 2 tickets and an expense paid trip to the Celebrity Apprentice Finale! 50 runner ups will receive a 1 year supply of all® small & mighty®.

So to recap:
-Go to all and check out Melissa and Joan's videos, not only will you get a good laugh, but you will also be helping out some great charities.

-If you check out the video, you are entered for a chance to win 2 tickets and an expense paid trip to the Celebrity Apprentice Finale.

- A digital $1.00 coupon you can download for all® small & mighty will be there.

This is a great cause and you get to benefit from it also, so what are you waiting for, head on over to all!!


Amanda said...

Cool! I use All Free and Clear because of all our weird allergy issues. I just noticed in the store today even the bottle that was the 100oz size has been concentrated and the packaging downsized.