Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: COOKIE

This is what a cookie looks like when you let a 4 year old decorate it!!



Katie said...

Ha ha!!! Kids put so much "stuff" on their cookies you can't even taste the cookie anymore!

Sara Bonds said...

He is such a cutie. I don't see much of the cookie, but I sure see that big smile. Great photo.

Happy WW from Sara @ the Mostly Wordless Wednesday H.Q.!

The Mud Bug said...

Lots of sugar goodies. Where is the cookie, lol?

Amanda said...

Of course, the more sugar you can cram on a cookie the better when you're 4.

Sue said...

Looks like he's having fun. And the cookie looks full of frosting & sprinkles. That's how my daughter would do it too. Cute pic!

Thanks for stopping by mine. :)