Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Halloween According to Wyatt

We LOVE Halloween at our house, I think it might be our favorite holiday. So we began discussing costumes the other day.

We asked Wyatt what he wants to be this year and he said "Shaggy from Scooby-Doo". My first thought is, should I be worried that my four year old wants to be the stoner of the bunch? Then, I decide that it is just because he is the silly one, so it is harmless. But, when I went searching for the costume, this is what is available.

After laughing for about 20 minutes, I catch my breath, call my husband to make him look at the costume, and then laugh for another 10 minutes. Seriously, when did Shaggy develop an afro?

The best part is, Wyatt wants the whole family to join in. Blake will be Scooby, hubby will be Fred, and I get to be Daphne. I will be the plumpest Daphne ever!LOL But, check out the get-up my husband gets to strut around in. Could they have found someone with darker eyebrows to model this costume?

Don't worry, if we go through with these ensembles, I will definately be sharing the pics.