Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Review: Fun Kids Music

Since we spend over an hour a day in the car, I am always looking for new music for the boys to enjoy. So, imagine how excited I was when I received 4 new cds to review. They are listed in the order of the number of times my son requests to listen to them.

1) Putumayo Kids- Picnic Playground: This new release features artists from around the world singing about their favorite dishes. Songs are in a variety of languages and allows kids to experience the music of different cultures. Wyatt's favorite song from this album is "Ice Cream" by Asheba. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of this cd will be donated to Vitamin Angels, which provides essential nutritional supplements to children around the world. You can purchase this cd at Putumayo

2) Asheba- In the Kid Zone: This cd take families on a musical journey with a blend of calypso, reggae, and world beat. The songs are fun and easy to sing along with. This cd is a great way to get moving in the morning. Wyatt's favorite song off this cd was no surprise, it is the Ice Cream song that was featured on Picnic Playground. LOL Click Here to purchase Asheba's newest cd.
3) Peter Himmelman- My Trampoline: This grammy nominated artist's newest cd offers kids some funny songs put to a pop tune. With song topics ranging from a leopard tortoise to a picky eater, this creative cd is fun for the whole family. Wyatt's favorite song from this dics is the title track "My Trampoline". To purchase this cd, Click Here.

4) Laura Freeman- Somersault Season: With this new release, you can sing your way through the year, while teaching your little ones about all the seasons. Laura's music will get your kids moving and singing along in no time. The cd also offers kids a chance to learn a few new words in a variety of languages, including Portuguese and German. Wyatt's favorite tracks on this disc were "My Brother's a Monster" and "Frankenstein". This cd can be purchased at

If your kids love to sing and dance as much as mine, check out some of the above links to give these new songs a listen.