Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Review: Office Max Makes Back to School Fun

Nothing seems to get Wyatt more excited about starting school, than shopping for his new supplies. From the uniforms to the backpacks, it is a grand adventure. He must get this from me, because I was the same way, especially about pens and notebooks.

If you little one is like mine, you must check out what Office Max has to offer. Their Schoolio-Von-Hoolio line is not only fun, but will not break the bank, and is sure to get the kids ready.

Office Max was nice enough to send me some samples of this line to review. I also got to participate in a special blogcast with organization expert Peter Walsh, who shared some tips on how to get you and your little ones ready for the new school year.

Here is a picture of what I received.

I was impressed by how bright and cute all the supplies were, but also how functional. My six year old nieces had a great time dividing the supplies up between them. I only wish that there was more boy choices available.

Peter Walsh gave some great advice during the blogcast, and here are my favorite tips:
-Be sure to establish routine with you kids, including getting their clothes and backpacks ready to go the night before.
-Regularly clean out their backpacks and binders, ideally once a week.
-Involve your children in the organization.
-Keep an organized and uncluttered space for your children to use for homework.

All of these tips will cut down on stress levels for you and your kids, which will make everyday life much easier, just like shopping at Office Max for your school supplies.



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