Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dreaming of a Getaway!

I have been nicely hinting, okay hounding, my husband the last few weeks about wanting to schedule a vacation. We have not gone anywhere, as a family, since August 2008, and I don't consider evacuating with a 4 day old a vacation.LOL

With the daily rat race and the kid's extra-curricular activities I am burnt out and would love to go anywhere at this point. But, with having little vacation time and a strapped budget, I am not sure when this will happen. Who is with me?

Well, if you totally understand needing that break this summer, check out the Save Our Summer Vacation campaign going on at HomeAway Vacation Rentals. HomeAway is petitioning Congress to proclaim August 7 as a “National Vacation Day.”

HomeAway recognizes that with today's economy taking that summer vacation can be a challenge. Therefore, HomeAway is going to stand up for your rights to:
-Take a break from stress
-Recharge and reconnect with family and friends
-Have enough space to truly relax
-Travel in style without breaking your budget

HomeAway Vacation Rentals is the world's leading vacation rentals marketplace. They have over 176,000 vacation rental homes, condos, guesthouses, cottages, and cabins in 118 countries. That is a whole lot of places to choose from and travelers can search vacation rental listings for free and find accommodations by the night, week or month

If you participate in their petition efforts, you can be entered to win a $10,000 vacation getaway!! How cool would that be? Personally for me, it would be a toss up between going to Ireland or Greece, but like I said anywhere but here would work!! Where would you go? Just visit Save Our Summer Vacation to register for your chance at a dream come true!

Oh, and if you win, can I come along? LOL