Thursday, June 25, 2009

Review: Kota and Pals

Dinosaurs are scattered all over my house. With two boys, we have dinosaurs of all sizes and colors. Now everybody understands my header a little more.LOL Well with the dinosaur obsession that Wyatt harbors it is no surprise that last Christmas he was fascinated with Kota the Triceratops. You remember Kota, the big ol' dino, that your kid could ride. Yeah, that one.

Needless to say Kota did not make it onto Santa's list, but none the less, Wyatt still mentions him. So imagine my excitement when I was asked to review the new Kota and Pal's Hatchlings. I knew Wyatt would love his new Kota, and he did not disappointed. Here he is showing Kota off, or as he has named him "little guy".

Looks soft and cuddly, huh? Don't be fooled, Kota comes to life! He roars like a real dino hatchling and his head and mouth really move! It was so cool to watch Wyatt the first time he touched Kota and he roared, he was so not expecting that.LOL We have both enjoyed Kota and his features.

Kota has a few pals along with him, including Pterodactyl, T-Rex, and Stegosaurus. They retail for $18.99 and would make the perfect gift for any little boy. I think it is one of those toys that is great birthday present for classmates. Just don't expect your little one to sleep with his pal, they are soft on the outside, but the inside is solid. You could always say that he is not tame enough for bed.LOL

If your little one was drooling over Kota last year, be sure to check out these new hatchlings.