Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Review: The Rosemary Company

Have you ever spent hours searching for the perfect party favors? You know, when you are trying to coordinate the napkins with plates and the party favors with everything else. Well, The Rosemary Company has all that you need in one place.

From their website: The herb rosemary is the ancient symbol of remembrance, and a traditional gift for someone special. Rosemary honors all the celebrations of life including unique and beautiful sympathy gifts. Here you will find mementoes chosen for their thoughtful, unique and memorable qualities.

They are a party supply company that carries tons of baby and bridal shower items, gifts, supplies, party favors, and much more! They even have a whole line of products specifically for multiple birth showers, including an adorable peas in the pod line. One of the party favors for this line is Sweet-pea scented bath bombs in an adorable green fleece pod.

The Rosemary Company was nice enough to send me a triplet pea pod to sample. It's package was so cute, with all the bath bombs lined up in the pod. The bombs fizzled well and smelled nice, without being overwhelming. They did leave a green ring around the tub, but it washed off easily enough.

With the great selection that they have available, be sure to check out The Rosemary Company the next time you are hosting a party. You can find The Rosemary Company at or you can reach them at their toll-free number 1-800-823-3891.

And right now, The Rosemary company is running a Father’s Day Contest. Nominate a Dad to win by telling them why he’s the best dad ever. 10 Dads will receive a FREE “I’m the Coach” t-shirt. To enter visit The Rosemary Company and scroll down until you see the ad for the contest. Click on the ad and fill out the form to win.