Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Review: Arnold Bread

I have a small addiction to bread. I love going to the nicer restaurants mainly because they serve hot bread.LOL So, when I was offered to try bread, I said sign me up! Arnold sent me a loaf of their Soft Natural Honey Wheat to try.

Here is a little bit about Arnold from their site: Arnold Bread is a love story in baking. In March 1940, in a brick oven at the rear of a small house in Stamford, Connecticut, Dean and Betty Arnold baked the first two-dozen loaves of Arnold bread. Placing their trust in superior ingredients, unbleached spring wheat flour, honey, butter and eggs, they developed the compact, golden rich bread that would soon become a leading premium bread with an international reputation.
Let me just say that they know what they are doing. This bread was super soft, even for being wheat, and had a great flavor. My whole family loved the bread. And, just to make this bread even better, it contains no high fructose corn syrup, 0g trans fat, and is cholesterol-free. I usually buy a Honey Wheat bread and will definitely look for the Arnold brand next time I am at the store.
Be sure to look for Arnold Bread the next time you are at the grocery. They sell a full line of breads including 14 different varieties of sliced bread, sandwich and dinner rolls, croutons, and stuffing.