Saturday, August 1, 2009

Review: Mimobot

Finally I have found a really cool electronic gadget to get my husband that is practical and that he will totally love! It is called a Mimobot and while they come in many designs the most important, in my husband's mind, is the Star Wars Line. Yes, my husband is a huge Star Wars fan. Now, I know you are thinking, well what is it? A mimobot is a distinctive character-based 1GB to 8GB USB flash drive.

They come in a variety of Star Wars characters and were nice enough to send my family their Darth Maul USB to try. I will start off by saying that I don't know who was more excited my husband, Wade, or Wyatt when the box arrived. They both sat there forever, examining the box and checking out what other characters are available.

When we finally got Wyatt to bed, I opened the box to get a closer look. Then, I got fussed at because it is Star Wars, and you are not suppose to actually use it.LOL But I was saved, because Wade then realized that the drive contains some exclusive content of wallpapers, screen savers, icons, etc. Thank goodness for that! It even came with a spacesuit protohoodie keychain to keep it safe and close at hand.

Now my only problem is that there are so many left to collect. If you need some extra cool USBs for your family, take a look around Mimobot, they have tons of choices. These would make great stocking stuffers!