Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Review: Imagination Movers

We are HUGE Movers' fans at my house and have been for a long time. They are from New Orleans, so we were jamming to their cds before they became the Disney sensation they are. If you do not know who the Imagination Movers are, (where have you been?LOL) I am here to tell you.

The Movers Rich Collins, Scott Durbin, Dave Poche, and Scott Smitty Smith formed in 2003 when the group of New Orleans friends started writing songs together and testing them out on their own kids. The bands dynamic, high-energy shows and wide-ranging pop sensibilities (with a special nod to 1980s alt rock) made them an immediate hit at the local parks and childrens museums. Not even losing homes to Hurricane Katrina (during which Smitty served as a first responder) scuttled their dreams. After signing to Disney, the Movers released their label debut Juice Box Heroes in March 2008, and are now currently working on the second season of their Playhouse Disney show. Since its release, Juice Box Heroes has consistently ranked in the Top 10 on iTunes Childrens Music chart. National recognition includes a Parenting Magazine Parenting Pick, and Common Sense Media recently recognized the Imagination Movers among the Best TV of 2008, citing the quartets addictive sense of humor and quest for fun.

As a parent of a four year old, I can attest to the fact that the Movers can make him move. He jumps, dances, and sings along. The show is fun and keeps him very entertained.

The Imagination Movers just release a new CD titled "For Those About to Hop". With a quick wink at AC/DC in the title, the Movers keep their fans on their feet throughout the generous 22-song set. Show favorite Jungle Room is a swinging, horn-drenched musical safari, while tunes like Now Were Cooking, Paint the Day Away and Playing Catch are equal parts funk, hip-hop and sing-along rock, with infectious beats and typically catchy lyrics that celebrate learning, growing and fun. Fans of the show will recognize set pieces from the Movers brainstorming adventures in the Idea Warehouse, but these songs all stand on their own as bright, finely crafted kid pop tunes.

We were lucky enough to get the new CD to review and I am surprised that it still plays as my son requests it every morning in the car and we all rock out! They tunes are so catch and the lyrics are fun and creative.

The track included in the new CD are:
1. Mover Music (Jump Up!)
2. Now Were Cooking
3. Jungle Room
4. Boom Boom Song
5. Ninas Song
6. We Can Work Together
7. Playing Catch
8. Buckets and Cans
9. Mother In You
10. Rollin
11. Gust of Wind
12. Brainstorming
13. Boing Cluck Cluck
14. Paint the Day Away
15. Sunblock
16. Gotcha
17. Fix It Up
18. Sleeping Bag
19. Try Again
20. Get Up
21. Recipe (Stir It Up)
22. Imagination Movers Theme Song

Wyatt's favorites are Boing Cluck Cluck and Nina's Song, which I also like. It is so cute to see him singing along in the back seat and I find myself singing them throughout the day at work.LOL

A special release of For Those About to Hop is currently available at Target stores nationwide and includes five bonus tracks. An exclusive iTunes version of the release offers another set of five bonus songs and is available this week. All versions include downloadable lyrics and a coloring sheet, along with an interactive game featuring the TV shows popular puppet character Warehouse Mouse.

If you are in search of something fun and stimulating for your kids, definitely check out the Movers!

And, they are getting ready for their first-ever U.S. concert theater tour. The “Live From The Idea Warehouse Tour” kicks off October 10 in Shreveport, Louisiana and winds up December 13 in Spokane, Washington. Click Here to see if the Imagination Movers are playing in a city near you and for ticket prices and more.

We already have our tickets for the show here, but I will warn you that they sold out the Arena in less than one week, so get your tickets fast. They are super fun live and put on a very energetic show. We were lucky enough to catch them at Jazz Fest this year and Wyatt still talks about how we saw the Movers.



Night Owl Mama said...

WE GOT TICKETS!!! NOV 1st In Illinois we are so excited!! Wooo whooo

WE Love the Imagination Movers. My kids watch them on DVD for every car ride.
Thanks for the bit of Back ground on them hubby and I were wondering where they got started.