Monday, August 3, 2009

Review: Bumkins

Trying to keep a 4 year old's clothes unstained is a task, since there is only so much that Clorox can do. But, thanks to Bumkins, that task will now be a little easier. Their waterproof aprons are perfect for doing crafts and helping in the kitchen.

Bumkins was founded in 1989, by a mom who wanted to provide her family with an alternative to disposable diapers. Bumkins soon grew its product line to include bibs, aprons, smocks and finally bags utilizing its signature soft, machine washable, waterproof fabric. In 2000. they added an upscale product grouping which features organic cotton and natural fibers. They are still continuing to grow their product line and offer the best waterproof options around.

Bumkins was nice enough to send Wyatt a children's waterproof apron in the urban green print. He thought it was "way cool", and here he is showing it off.

I was impressed with the flexibility of the apron, it was not your usual stiff plastic. The pattern is really fun, so Wyatt will think it is cool to use. It will be great for when we cook, as he tends to make a mess, or when he uses his marker board. We learned the hard way that EXPO markers are not clothes friendly.

Don't be jealous of your little one's choices, they offer adult waterproof aprons, too. Also, be sure to check out their selection of gift sets, which would make the perfect present for a new mom. These aprons start at a price of under $15.00, which made me think that an art smock paired with some art supplies would make a great gift!

Want to win something from Bumkins? They are currently doing a blog tour and will be hosting 5 giveaways. To learn more visit Bumkins Blog.


Mary said...

The art smocks are really cute! I also really like the Dr. Seuss onesies.