Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Review: Lefty's Lefthanded Store

Being right-handed, I was never aware of the difficulties that left-handed people faced. That is until I had Wyatt. We could tell from really early on that he was going to be left-handed. It did not really present us with any issues, until he started Pre-K3 last year. The only section on his progress report that he scored lower was using scissors. I never realized how much of a difference specialized supplies would make.

Thanks to Lefty's Lefthanded Store, lefties can get all the necessities that they need. Lefty's originally opened its doors in San Francisco in 1978 and now have expanded to their online store. They don't want you to have to use what does not feel right, so they offer a full line of products including: scissors, knives, garden supplies, and office supplies.

Lefty's was nice enough to send Wyatt a Kid's Gift Set to try. He was so excited to get his new left-handed supplies which included scissors, mechanical pencil, crayons, and more. I found all the supplies we received to be of great quality. I loved watching Wyatt use his scissors without having to struggle. Here is a picture of him showing off his new skills.

I know for sure that Wyatt will excel in scissor use this year! He also was much more comfortable using his left-handed mechanical pencil. I want to thank Lefty's for showing me all what is available for lefties.

Do you have a special lefty in your house? Check out the selection at Lefty's Left-Handed Store and keep them from having to adapt!