Thursday, August 27, 2009

Review: Avon's Ultimate Night Gold Emulsion

I don't know about the rest of you, but the kids have taken a toll on my appearance. From the gray hairs to the extra lines on my face. That is why I am always up for trying a new product if it claims that it will make me look younger. What, are you not that vain.LOL

Avon has come out with a new product called Ultimate Night Gold Emulsion, which claims that it can make you look 5 years younger in 14 days or you can get your money back. This emulsion is a rare skin-strengthening fusion of patented Pro-Sirtuin TX, which formulated to stimulate sirtuin youth proteins for healthier cells, and activate remodeling proteins to help restructure and strengthen skin, and Gold Polypeptide technologies, which is engineered to help replenish skin's moisture reserves and maintain its youthful structure.
Avon was nice enough to send me a sample of the Ulitmate Night Gold Emulsion to try. The first night I used it, I felt a light tingle after applying, but it quickly went away. I could feel my skin tightening after the first few uses. It leaves my fingers a little sticky after I apply, but it washes off easily. I have been pleased with the product, and find that I have plenty left in the container after using it nightly for a month.
Here is a nice close up of me after using this product for a few weeks. This picture is taken fresh out of the shower and after my nightly application of the emulsion.

I feel that I have less lines around my mouth and on my forehead. If only it would remove the dark circles under my eyes and then I could look less sleep deprived.LOL

If you would like to try this new product, you can purchase it at and it retails for only $34.00. I think the bottle of emulsion would last for around 6 months.



LittlePeopleWealth said...

Awesome, I love Avon products - they usually run some great specials too!

ANGELICA said...

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