Saturday, August 1, 2009

Review: Baby Legs

Ever wonder where everyone is getting those super cute baby leg warmers? Well I am going to let you in on the secret, they are Baby Legs. Not only are they adorable, they are also really functional, and can be used as leg or arm warmers.

Baby Legs was created by a stay at home mom who wanted to keep her little girl's warm while she was diaper free to allow bad rashes to heal. What started as a solution for this mom became an essential for so many others. Baby Legs allows for little ones to be fashionable and allows for super easy diaper changes. They can now be found in over 50 countries, which shows you how great they are.

And, if you think that leg warmers are only for girls, think again. Baby Legs offers a full selection for boys. They were nice enough to send Blake a pair of their navy sport design, and here he is trying them out.

I like that Baby Legs will protect his knees while he is crawling around and they are really helpful when changing a squirmy 11 month old. I know that I will be adding a pair of Baby Legs to every baby shower gift I give from now on.
I gave a pair to my 3 year old niece the other day and she loved them, which makes me think they are great accessory for any age! Baby Legs can also be worn year round since they have a new lightweight single-ply mesh design with UPF protection on 50+. What a great school mate birthday gift and the perfect price, since most pairs are only $12.00!


Chanda said...

I used to sell the organic baby legs and they are so soft and so cute!!