Thursday, July 9, 2009

Review: Happy Green Bee

Trying to be a responsible parent these days is hard work. Its hard to know whether the clothes you are buying are made in sweat shops or by people under fair working conditions. Well if you are shopping a Happy Green Bee, you can check that worry off your list.

Happy Green Bee sells a selection of baby and kids clothes that are made using organic cotton fabrics and under fair trade practices. There clothes are cute and colorful with a splash of flair.

From their website: The mission of Happy Green Bee is to create cheerful gender-free organic kids clothing with sustainable earth friendly manufacturing practices in an effort to meet and increase the demand for organic children's clothing that not only looks and feels great but is contributing in positive ways to the welfare of our planet.

They were nice enough to send Blake an outfit to try. Here he is pictured in their long sleeve top and leggings. The fabric is soft and the colors are bright and fun. He seemed quite comfy in his new duds.

I love that their styles are interchangeable, with tops that match skirts and pants in different styles. Happy Green Bee makes it easy to dress your munchkins in comfy fun clothes while keeping your mind at ease. And, be sure to check out their factory store to dress your little one for less!!