Monday, July 27, 2009

Review: Summer Bridge Activities

Okay, so Wyatt goes back to school in 3 weeks and he has spent all summer having fun. While I believe that he should enjoy his summer, I want to make sure that he is ready to go back to school. I have been able to do this thanks to Summer Bridge Activities and their great workbook.

It has been shown in studies that students will experience learning loss when they are not engaged in educational activities. For me, this means that I have to find a happy medium for summertime, where Wyatt is having fun while being educated. I found that the workbooks offered by Summer Bridge Activities was a great solution for our family.

The goal of Summer Bridge Activities is to help parents keep children, in grades Pre-K through 8th, active and learning during the summer. Their workbooks offer daily activities in reading, writing, mathematics, and language arts with bonus activities in science and geography for grades Pre-K through 8th. Exciting activities, full-color flash cards, incentive contract calendars to keep kids motivated and, a certificate of completion, are all the things that make learning fun for kids.
Summer Bridge Activities was nice enough to send Wyatt a workbook to try. Here he is working on his shapes.

It was great to see Wyatt having fun with his workbook and I love knowing he will be ready when school starts!

If you kids need a refresher before school starts back, consider getting them a Summer Bridge Activities' Workbook. They are available at Barnes and Noble stores or online from Carson Dellosa and retail for under $15.00, so they will not break the bank.